Question: How do we level up?

2017-10-22 16:01:16 by JamesCubeNG

I'm a little new to Newgrounds, so how do I level up?




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2017-10-22 16:17:09

Just use te web and give FeedBack, like im doing rigth now :)


2017-10-22 16:24:08

Vote on either movies or games. you need to vote on at least 5 submissions daily to deposit the exp points.


2017-10-22 16:53:24

first of all welcome to Newgrounds! and also, if you vote on 5 submissions for about 11 years you will be level 60 and to get the full 100k vote for about 16 years after that.

JamesCubeNG responds:

I've been here for a year, but thanks! I'm just learning the system